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The Toltec Path To Freedom Breaking Old Agreements – Karlslunde Tri (triatlon)

The Toltec Path To Freedom Breaking Old Agreements

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The rest of the book teaches us how to break our agreements with society`s beliefs that are not useful and create positive substitutes. The Totec “path of freedom” means breaking old agreements and accepting these four new agreements. Three championships make people become toltec: even more heartbreaking, we pay countless times for every mistake we make. We don`t just recognize them, learn and go further. There is no forgiveness. We will relive every mistake and suffer every time we remember or remember it. And we and society have great memories of this kind of thing. It reminds us not to condemn ourselves or beat ourselves up if we break any of the agreements. Start. We will improve over time. Although I have never heard of this book (or theology), the ideas are very similar to the process I have undergone in recent years in my own life.

I particularly like the second point. First, realizing that the world doesn`t revolve around me sucks! Then, slowly, I began to recognize the freedom that this knowledge brings. You have a good blog here! I intend to continue reading We oppose each other endlessly and we punish ourselves because we cannot achieve the expectation of the agreements we conclude by domestication. The first of the agreements is to be “blameless with your word,” which calls you to speak only with integrity and truth and to renounce speaking ill of yourself and others. The parasite of judgment and negativity must be destroyed to break your old chords. You need to become aware of the power of your beliefs and identify the beliefs that make you unhappy. If you become stronger, you will be able to reject these agreements and lead a happier and more fulfilled life. Most adults are unaware that they are not free, but as soon as we realize, we can work to get our freedom.

We can question the beliefs of our childhood and choose the ones we agree with, and then distance ourselves from others. We learned four new agreements, but we are not finished. We still need to free ourselves from the old agreements of beliefs and social prejudices. Everyone talks about freedom and struggle for them. Even in a free society like America, we are not free to be ourselves. Although we accuse others of not being ourselves, they are not the culprits. .

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