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Sample Take Over Business Agreement – Karlslunde Tri (triatlon)

Sample Take Over Business Agreement

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15. The seller agrees to do so and undertakes not to, as long as he is a shareholder and director of the company, that he will not create a similar activity, alone or in collaboration with another person, nor that he will make available to another person the know-how and technical expertise. Buyer agrees to keep Seller, its senior officers, directors and major shareholders without damages and without complaint, and Seller agrees to exempt and maintain Buyer, its senior officers, directors and major shareholders from any and all liability, damages or defaults, any acts, actions, proceedings, receivables, valuations, judgments, costs and expenses, including attorneys` fees. incidents related to the foregoing, resulting from material misrepresentation by a compensating party to an indemnified party and the party as a result of a breach of an agreement or guarantee or the non-performance of an agreement by a compensating party or from a material misrepresentation or omission of a certificate, financial statement or tax return provided under this Agreement or 1996, 1996, 1995, 1990, 1990, 1 The seller will deliver a contract of sale to the buyer no later than 5 days after the sale. 1. Sale of the business. Seller agrees to purchase the transaction described above, including the lease of such premises, the business as a survivor, all rights of seller arising from its contracts, licenses and agreements, as well as any assets and real estate owned and used by Seller, as set forth in Appendix A, free from any debt or charge, And this, in the state free of any liabilities and any charge. other than property are expressly excluded. This sale does not include cash available at the time of closing, or in banks or other immovable property listed in Appendix B.

1. The seller carries out his operations as the sole owner of the manufacture of certain products appearing on the first list, hereinafter referred to as “the products mentioned”. 4. The draft memorandum and statute of the company mentioned has been prepared and approved by the parties. The main objective of this company will be to take over the aforementioned activity of the seller as a continuation company with the assets appearing on the second and third lists which are written in writing, but subject to the mortgage in question for the benefit of the said bank. and to require trade in the manufacture of the products mentioned. The secondary and other objectives of this company are defined as set out in the above-mentioned draft Association Protocol. PandaTip: The section on the viability of this model states that this purchase agreement will survive if any aspect of the contract is revoked for any reason. In the event that certain parts of this Agreement are terminated or found to be unenforceable, the parties may replace those parts with enforceable terms. Both parties agree to use fair value for all real estate related to this sales agreement. A sales contract should be used by anyone wishing to buy or sell a business. The agreement can help define details during the sale, including aspects of the business for sale (e.g.B.

assets or shares). 2. The name of the company will be. the name under which the seller carries on its business in question, subject to the authorization of the Registrar of Companies at the following address: If this name is not approved, the company will be given a different name, which is acceptable to the seller and which is approved by the Registrar of Companies. PandaTip: This section of the proposal states that the buyer has the right to demand the return of all funds paid if the terms of the sales contract have not been concluded before the date indicated. . . .

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