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National Partnership Agreement Covid – Karlslunde Tri (triatlon)

National Partnership Agreement Covid

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These include $15.4 million for the National Incident Room, $6.8 million for a centralized patient triage hotline and $20.3 million for national COVID-19 communications activities. In March and April 2020, $1.9 billion was allocated as part of a series of appropriation acts for the urgent purchase of emergency equipment such as masks (p. 56). As part of this, the Commonwealth Government will cover 100% of the cost of additional Medicare services in areas such as Medicare Telehealth or home visits, increased Medicare pathology services and national medical stockpiles. Under the National Partnership Agreement, states and territories have entered into separate agreements with private hospitals under their jurisdiction to ensure that they have access to sufficient hospital capacity (i.e. beds and workforce) to meet the increased demand for hospital services during the pandemic. The Australian government has worked to ensure the continued viability of private hospitals by agreeing to bear the cost of the sector related to the provision of private hospital beds and their workforce for cooperation with public hospitals in the fight against COVID-19, and to support the sector with a private hospital guarantee of $1.7 billion (p. 56). On 31 March 27, 2020, an important partnership with the private hospital sector was announced as part of national efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. In a joint statement, the Minister of Health and representative of the private health sector, as well as medical and care associations, said the goal was “to ensure that all the resources of our world-class health system are ready and focus on treating patients with the coronavirus pandemic if necessary.” The new regulations have been described as “unprecedented” by the Minister of Health. The Australian government will ensure the sustainability of the private hospital sector, in return for the sector`s provision of private hospital beds and its workforce to cooperate with the public hospital sector in the fight against COVID-19. This new support is above the current health agreement with states and territories and follows last week`s health ministers` meeting, during which we activated our contingency plan.

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