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27 Duration of contract, renewal and termination4. Impact of termination 4.1 A well-developed license agreement should provide for the consequences of termination on the rights and obligations of each of the parties, in order to avoid any further disputes at a time when the parties may already have fewer good terms. 4.2 The licensee`s most pressing concern will be the ability to reduce and deplete existing stocks. Sources: Key Aspects of IP License Agreement Handout by Donald M Cameron Rowena Borenstein_Ogilvy Renault 61 SECTION 34 – EXTENSION OF A FRANCHISE TERM1. A franchisee must, at any time before the end of the franchise, inform the franchisee in writing, according to his choice, of the extension of the duration of the franchise. 2. Unless a franchisee has breached the term of a previous franchise agreement, a franchisee shall extend the term of the franchise to another period if the franchisee has requested the extension of the term referred to in paragraph 1. 3. A franchise agreement whose duration of the franchise has been extended must include conditions similar or no less favourable to the terms of the previous franchise agreement. 57 § 31 – TERMINATION OF A FRANCHISE AGREEMENT1. No franchisor may terminate the franchise agreement before the expiry date, except for “important reasons” referred to in subsections (2) and (3) 2. “Good reason”, but is not limited to- (a) failure to comply with the terms of the franchise agreement or other relevant agreement between the franchisee and the franchisee; and (b) the franchisee`s failure to remedy the breach committed by the franchisee or any of its employees within the time period specified in a written notice from the franchisee, which is not less than fourteen days to remedy the breach.

54 § 27 – PROHIBITION OF SIMILAR TRANSACTIONS2. The franchisee and the staff must comply with the terms of the written warranty referred to in subsection (1). 3. A person who fails to comply with paragraphs 1 or 2 commits a criminal offence. § 28 – DECLARATIONS OF WAIVER ARE NOT VALID 1. Any condition, provision or provision of a franchise agreement that purports to require a franchisee to waive compliance with a provision of this Act is null and void. 2. This Section shall not prevent a person from entering into a settlement agreement or from making a general authorisation concerning a potential or actual civil action concerning the franchise, or from preventing the conciliation of claims. 8 License The verb granting a license or the granting of a license implies the granting of authorization.

The noun License refers to both this authorization and the document that recalls this permission in memory. The license may be granted by one party (“Licensor”) of another party (“Licensee”) under an agreement between those parties. An abstract of a licence is “an authorization (issued by the licensor) for the use of the licence material (by the licensee)”. Sources: 65 Comparison between licensing and franchisingA) Licence Not bound by an Act of Parliament or regulation A licence agreement may include conditions that are limited in a franchise agreement by the Franchise Act 1998. . . .

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