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Childminder Data Sharing Agreement – Karlslunde Tri (triatlon)

Childminder Data Sharing Agreement

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Yes, there is an OIC registration fee. The pricing structure changed in April 2018 – for more information on this, check out the OIC in your guide. If you have a maximum turnover of £632,000 for your financial year or no more than 10 employees, the fee is £40. If a nanny (or other data controller) has absolutely no electronic processing of personal data for her company with regard to the current registration requirements, she would not have to register. Remember that this would not only mean a computer, but also a smartphone, social networks or a digital camera. Even though a nanny may not be obliged to register, she must of course continue to comply with data protection law. If you are not sure, please call the ICO Helpline (0303 123 1113) and select the “Registration” option for which specialists are welcome. PACEY raised this issue with Sodexo and made it clear that ICO`s advice is that members and other childcare providers do not process Sodexo`s data. In fact, Sodexo processes its personal data. Sodexo`s current approach is therefore wrong. We advise our members not to complete the current Or new Sodexo form (when it is sent). If you`ve already returned your form, you should email them again to tell them that “you want to put it down, since you now know that they mistakenly identified you as a data processor.” As soon as we have a copy of the new Sodexo form, we will seek legal advice on it and share it with members and Sodexo. We expect this legal consultation to reinforce what the OIC has already said.

This means that our current advice to members is unlikely to change. We will then try to work with Sodexo to prevent them from asking this unnecessary request from their customers. All employees at the beginning of the year should be aware of the circumstances under which they may share personal data about individuals with other agencies. The following information is for childminders who are mainly registered in England. For childminders registered in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, please check the additional requirements to be met. HMRC also has a free e-learning product that is specifically aimed at childminders. This learning aid guides you through all aspects of autonomy, from registration to delivery of returns. The main advantage of this targeted learning tool is that it has all the information on the support granted to childminders, which differs from that granted to general self-employed workers. . . .

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