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As-Is Real Estate Purchase And Sale Agreement – Karlslunde Tri (triatlon)

As-Is Real Estate Purchase And Sale Agreement

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This article is intended to provide basic explanations of the legal importance of the “as intended” provision, which appears in any contract for the purchase and sale of residential or commercial real estate. This article is not intended to replace a lawyer`s advice on a specific problem or transaction. If you have a particular legal question or need legal advice, the reader should speak to a lawyer. But there are times when both the buyer and seller strive to enter into a transaction where such warranties and disclosures of terms are not necessarily made public. Sometimes a seller has no interest in inspecting or guaranteeing the condition of the property and is willing to sell with a significant discount to get a quick sale in which the buyer takes on the risk of the conditions. The main misunderstanding about an “As-Is” clause is the belief that it completely protects the seller from necessary disclosures…

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